Librs Validator

Error reports generated by this website are meant for agency training and vendor troubleshooting only. This website does not retain records of any data processed through it.

Error reports created by this website are not forwarded to any members of the state program. Regardless of what your vendor may have told you, submitting data to this website does not constitute participation in the LIBRS Agency Certification process and will not protect your grant funding eligibility.

Files must be uploaded to the website in order to be used for agency certification and reporting of crime data to the FBI NIBRS program.

This site does not have access to the Production LIBRS Database, and therefore there may be cases where your Incidents validate properly here, but an error is thrown when the actual Submission is performed. These cases would include
  • Time-Window Submissions, which require checking the Agency's Base Date in the database
  • Arrest Add and Arrest Modifications, which require the Incident/Arrest to have already been submitted.
  • Resubmission of Insertions, which require a Delete Action to be sent first.
In these cases we can validate the content and structure of the Segments, however in the listed situations we can't guarantee that there will be no Errors when the full submission is made to LIBRS.

- Appears once the files gets processed. Please click on the symbol to download the report.